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Article: Capturing the vibrancy of city scenes with the Leica Q2: urban photography on a whole new level

Die Lebendigkeit der Stadtszenen einfangen mit der Leica Q2: Urbane Fotografie auf einem ganz neuen Level

Capturing the vibrancy of city scenes with the Leica Q2: urban photography on a whole new level

Open to new things and always on the lookout for the most exciting update and previously unexplored settings - this is probably how many photographers would describe themselves, regardless of whether they shoot professionally or as a hobby. For many photo enthusiasts, the legendary Leica is a dream or the constant tool of choice. To capture particularly beautiful cityscapes with Leica, the cameras of the Leica Q series are particularly suitable. These cameras have been specially designed to meet the specific requirements of street photographers and are particularly intuitive in their design. At the same time, the cameras in the Leica Q series have special functions that benefit fast photography on the streets.

A camera designed for street photography

Every genre of photography has its own requirements and, depending on the type of photography, one camera or another is particularly suitable for each type of photography. Leica has designed a very special range of cameras with the specific needs of street photographers in mind: The Leica Q series. The cameras in this series are particularly suitable for the genre of street photography due to their functions, but also because of their practical, quiet and discreet design. A favorite of photographic city tours is the Leica Q2.

When exploring cityscapes with the Leica Q2, photographers particularly benefit from the camera's many functions, which allow them to take good pictures from the hip. These include, above all, the automatic face detection function and the camera's special zone focus system. Of course, true fans of manual photography can still determine everything themselves and take photos in the usual sharp Leica quality. Lovers of the Leica Q2 also particularly praise the high quality of the camera display, which allows you to see everything that comes in front of your lens in real time.

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Urban photography with Leica Q2

Since the Leica Q series was designed specifically for the special requirements of street photographers, it has a whole range of options that can be useful for urban photography. To get the most out of the camera and fully utilize its capabilities, you should familiarize yourself with the camera in detail. The Leica Q2 offers two different fixed focal length lenses, both of which are well suited to street photography: a 28 mm and a 35 mm lens. Most photographers like to work with the 28 mm lens, which is considered the standard, but which of the two you ultimately prefer is best tested in practice.

You can also experiment extensively with the aperture of the Leica Q2. In automatic mode, the camera itself searches for the ideal aperture setting so that exactly the right amount of light reaches the sensor. If you prefer to control everything yourself, you can also set the aperture manually and determine the exposure individually.

Compared to other Leica cameras, the various automated functions of the Q-series cameras are very special and make it easier to take pictures in fast-moving city scenes, where there is often simply not enough time for precise manual settings. However, it is also important to familiarize yourself with these functions before plunging into the hustle and bustle of a lively metropolis with camera in hand. Depending on your own style and individual photographic preferences, different settings can be useful and useful for you in particular.

The continuous shooting mode can also be a good option, especially in the middle of a fast-moving, bustling city where the scenery can change dramatically from one second to the next. This setting allows you to take several shots in quick succession, giving you a larger selection of images to choose from. This function gives you more chances to capture an interesting moment or expression.

Another way to take very special pictures in urban photography with the Leica Q2 is to use the Live View mode. This feature allows you to compose your shots properly and review them effectively before you press the shutter button. This is because Live View mode allows you to see exactly what the shot will look like before you press the shutter button. At the same time, you can take advantage of the Leica Q2's stabilization, which can reduce possible camera shake when shooting handheld. This stabilization using the camera's own 5-axis image stabilization can prove particularly practical for shots with long exposure times or in poor lighting conditions.

Leica Q2 test report: A closer look

The Leica Q2 also boasts a number of advanced features such as 4K video recording, in-camera image stabilization and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, offering photographers unprecedented flexibility and versatility in their creative endeavors. A weak point of the previous version, which was criticized in the Leica Q test, has been remedied in the Q2: The silent E-shutter can now be used at shutter speeds between 1s and 1/2000s, which can make it easier to shoot in the hustle and bustle of the city, at events or particularly close to the subject. The camera's intuitive user interface and customizable controls meet the needs of both experienced professionals and enthusiastic amateur photographers, promoting a seamless shooting experience that emphasizes creativity and expression.

Experts see possible disadvantages in the weight of the camera, which at 734 grams cannot be considered a lightweight. Compared to its predecessor, the camera's classic flat magnesium housing is resistant to dust and splash water, which is a nice improvement in everyday use, but can still prove to be a problem for street photography in the rain.


As a camera designed specifically for urban photography, the Leica Q2 has many settings and possibilities to work even more easily, freely and creatively in this genre. Compared to its predecessor, the Leica Q, a number of shortcomings have been rectified. These improvements make the Leica Q2 even more practical for use in wind and weather amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Overall, the camera is currently one of the best models on the market for street photography.

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