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Article: Travel lighter: Efficient packing for business trips

Leichter reisen: Effizientes Packen für Geschäftsreisen

Travel lighter: Efficient packing for business trips

A business trip is a multifaceted undertaking that fills many people with anticipation in view of the contact with new people and places, but can also make some very nervous. It requires a wide variety of special skills that often have to be developed over time. These include, for example, finding your way around large airports and unfamiliar cities, approaching new business partners with confidence and being able to cut a good figure at meetings. Packing intelligently for business trips can help you to quickly feel at ease on site and to be able to concentrate fully on the new challenges with everything you need.

Packing with foresight

The best packing strategy doesn't start with the ideal suitcase, but with good mental preparation for the trip. First, research your destination and check the weather forecast to make sure you pack suitable clothing. Then go through the itinerary of the planned trip in your head in every detail, keeping in mind which items of clothing, bags and technical equipment or other important items you will need.

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Efficient packing for business trips can also include filling every inch of your luggage properly, rolling your clothes instead of folding them and using practical packing cubes. These not only save space, but also help you to divide and organize your belongings for a tidier suitcase and easier access to everything you need.

Be careful and thrifty when choosing the clothes you take with you on your trip. Choose clothes that can be combined with different outfits. While one pair of trousers more or less probably won't carry much weight, you should really keep your choice of shoes to a minimum. Shoes are often bulky and heavy and take up an unexpected amount of space in your luggage. So only take one or two pairs of shoes with you that can be combined with your outfits in a variety of ways and can withstand different weather conditions.

Technology: packing light for business trips

When it comes to technology, there are also some packing tips for business trips that can simplify efficient packing. First and foremost, this includes optimizing the way you pack and organize your technical equipment and its accessories. As the necessary technology plays a key role in any business trip, but can quickly become heavy, you should only take compact electronic devices with you on your trip. Travel-friendly gadgets, i.e. lightweight devices in a small, handy format, are particularly recommended.

To avoid confusion and tangled cables, you should have a separate bag for chargers and cables that can be organized as well as possible so that you don't have to spend a long time searching for the right cable when in doubt. Chargers with integrated cables that replace separate charging cables may also be suitable for this purpose. Think about all the necessary USB sticks, adapters and accessories and find a separate place for each item so that you can arrive at your destination well organized and relaxed.

Minimalist packing

The Duden dictionary defines minimalism as "consciously limiting oneself to the bare essentials", and in recent years a veritable hype has developed in our affluent society around the art of leaving out everything superfluous. Minimalist packing for business trips works according to the same basic principles as minimalism in general: take a very close look at what you really need from what you would like to have in your luggage for your next business trip. A suitcase packed in a minimalist way is not only lighter and easier to transport and can perhaps simply travel with you in your hand luggage, you will also find what you urgently need more quickly.

Once you have become accustomed to the minimalist approach to packing and have practiced a little on what you will actually value when you get there, such a suitcase is also quicker to prepare. Keep in mind that you should only pack very little 'just in case', as you will most likely be able to find everything you really need directly on site. Ask yourself whether items of clothing are versatile and can be combined into different outfits for different occasions.

A minimalist approach can also quickly pay off when it comes to technical accessories for your business trip. If you have a large number of hard disks and USB sticks in your luggage, this not only increases the weight of your luggage considerably, but can also be very impractical in terms of access. If you first have to find the right stick with the necessary information, search for the right cable for the hard disk or even lose one of the storage spaces, this can have fatal consequences. In the spirit of minimalism, it is therefore advisable to store all important information that you want to have access to during your trip centrally and clearly in a cloud online. This way, you have access to it everywhere and can also share important documents much more easily!

Well prepared is half packed

If you go on frequent business trips, it may be worth having a pre-packed travel bag ready. You can have many important items such as toiletries, a change of clothes and important documents ready in this bag. This way, you can keep the packing effort to a minimum and be prepared for your trip more quickly.

It can be helpful to have a standardized travel checklist so that you don't forget the most important things when packing quickly and can sleep peacefully the night before your trip without constantly remembering things that are still missing from your luggage. We also recommend having a separate area in your closet where you can store clothes and other essentials that you will need almost exclusively on business trips so that you always have them quickly to hand.


Efficient packing for business trips is a skill that not only reduces physical stress, but also improves the overall travel experience. By being aware of the essentials, planning ahead and using smart and minimalist packing techniques, you can manage business travel with ease and stay fully focused on the purpose of your trip once you're there. Whether you're a frequent traveler or preparing for an occasional business trip, efficient packing strategies will not only save you time and money, but also make for a more enjoyable and stress-free travel experience!

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