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Article: Latest trends in photography

Neueste Trends in der Fotografie

Latest trends in photography

Photography is your passionate hobby and there is nothing better for you than to capture your most beautiful memories in pictures for eternity? Then you surely own a high-quality system camera with which you can take professional pictures. However, high-quality pictures are not only important in private life, but are also indispensable in advertising and the media. We will tell you what the current trends in photography are and how you can use them for yourself. You should use these trends especially if you want to market your images professionally or present them on your social media account. Do you want to sell products? Then, too, high-quality images are the key. It has been proven that an item sells much better when it is presented with the help of appealing images.

Color selection: Here's what to look for

Whether you prefer loud and gaudy images or more muted colors, it basically doesn't matter. The important thing is that you use the colors skillfully to achieve the greatest possible effect. The best example of the skillful use of colors is Instagram: This social media platform thrives on its vibrant images. Take advantage of them, try not to edit your photos too much and thus distort them. Above all, hold back on saturation. Instead, pick a subject with eye-catching colors from the start.

Authenticity and staged images

These are two trends that are absolutely in right now. The days of straining to smile at the camera for the perfect photo are long gone. Instead, start a theme party where everyone dresses up in costume and capture that in your photos. When it comes to authenticity, make the most of spontaneous moments. The best pictures are definitely taken when you're not expecting them. So plan as little as possible and use the moment instead. These pictures look much more real and appealing than posed scenes. Therefore, you come across much better to the other person.

Slow photography and the contemplation of nature

Our world is getting faster and faster and more and more hectic. Those who are familiar with big city life are longing more and more for a piece of nature. That's why both nature photography and so-called slow photography are very much in vogue. As an ambitious hobby photographer, you surely know that photography can be relaxing. So don't get stressed when looking for a suitable motif, but wait relaxed for the right moment. You have found the perfect motif, but the lighting conditions are not yet optimal? So wait until the light is perfect and visit the location several times if necessary. So take your time when photographing, decelerate and go for a long exposure. This works well with gray filters even during the day. You will see the result is unique pictures that stand out from the crowd. If you have the opportunity, take pictures from above. The world from above has always fascinated people. With a drone, you can easily succeed in taking such photos from above. Use this new angle for completely different shots and surprise family and friends with them. Drone photography is one of the current trends that will surely be with us for a long time.

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In addition to these tips for successful photography, there are still some trends that you should definitely take advantage of. We have compiled the most beautiful trends for you once.

1. vivid colors

Black-and-white shots certainly have their appeal, too. However, the current trends in 2022 are clearly determined by eye-catching and bright colors. In 2019, for example, Pantone's Living Coral was the trend color of the year. In addition to this coherent coral red, electrifying colors will clearly remain in the foreground in the future, immediately catching the eye of the beholder. Do you want to draw attention to a specific product? Then work specifically with eye-catching colors, with brighter and stronger colors dominating at the moment.

2. still life

Still lifes have always inspired people, because they have a calming effect. How about staging such a still life in a completely different way and photographing it from above, for example? Prefer as much as possible clear lines and shapes, because these are currently in vogue. You have a food blog and want to present your dishes as appealing as possible? Basically, every meal is a still life. "The eye eats with you" - so arrange your dishes as appealingly as possible, whereby the color design also plays an important role. By the way, food photography is also one of the hottest trends in photography. Just think of the numerous cooking blogs, of which new ones spring up almost daily. The best thing about it is that you don't have to be a professional photographer to skilfully photograph food. With a good camera and the right angle, it's not that difficult to photograph your food. When shooting still life, the most important thing is not to photograph too many objects. It's best to pick one main object and arrange a few other objects around it. There are practically no rules for still life photography: Get creative yourself and take pictures from the side or from above: What's allowed here is what pleases.

3. back to nostalgia

Whether you prefer to remember the 70s, 80s or 90s is certainly a matter of taste. Why not reminisce and capture them in photos? Our digital age makes us quickly forget what was once up to date. So revive the 80s in your photos and capture the gold chains and animal prints of yesteryear. Can you remember the beginning of the digital age? Besides synthesizer music, it was color gradients in purple and pink that you often saw in discos back then. Today you can take advantage of this color trend for your photos, because it is also one of the trends in photography 2022.

4. prisms and geometric patterns

Colors certainly never go out of fashion in photography. Especially in patterns and graphics, they play an essential role. You can create the most expressive designs possible if you use diverse patterns and graphics. The hypnotism trend, where you use spirals and other patterns to create a hypnotizing effect, is also clearly on the rise again.

5. become provocative

Nowadays, you can't win any flower pots with boring and meaningless photos. Therefore, use provocation. Memorable images, which may be changed a little, are especially important in social media. If you want to sell a product, it needs a product photo that remains in the memory for a long time.

6. minimalism

The trend towards minimalism has also existed forever and will probably never go out of fashion. The basic idea behind it is simple: you want to attract as much attention as possible with as few elements as possible. The core idea is to reduce the image content to the essentials and still make a clear statement. The viewer of the image should be encouraged to allow his interpretation of the motif. Minimalist images serve to give free rein to the viewer's imagination and are definitely one of the trends that will last not only in 2022.

7. street photography

In Corona times, when travel was severely restricted, it has experienced a revival. We are talking about street photography. Just walk down the street with your eyes open and take a picture of whatever comes in front of your lens. This can be a street lamp as well as interesting street signs. A good photographer will find a suitable subject anywhere. It's just a matter of setting the scene skillfully. You don't have to travel far to be able to take beautiful pictures.

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