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Article: Stay connected: The best tech gadgets for business travel

Verbunden bleiben: Die besten technischen Gadgets für Geschäftsreisen

Stay connected: The best tech gadgets for business travel

Preparing for a shorter business trip or traveling regularly for business? Then you need to demonstrate your organizational skills so that work can continue seamlessly and you can stay in touch with your customers, business partners and employees at all times. Fortunately, there are many technological tools available today to help you do just that. After all, high productivity while traveling is the result of thorough preparation. We present to you the indispensable technology for professional travel.

Mobile roaming hotspot: simply take your WLAN with you

As soon as you travel outside the EU, prices for surfing and making phone calls often skyrocket. A remedy is a mobile hotspot, which is a WLAN router for traveling. Several devices, such as your smartphone, tablet or notebook, can use it to access the Internet. The connection is made via the mobile network. High-quality devices in this area work in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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For most devices, manufacturers provide a free app. You download this to your mobile device and can then purchase the desired data volume. This usually works completely straightforward and you keep control over the costs. Once set up, a roaming hotspot gives you stable and fast access to the Internet regardless of where you happen to be.

Travel adapters: power always and everywhere

If you want to make the most of technology gadgets while traveling on business, the issue of power always plays an important role. Different regions of the world have different standards for plugs and the power connection, and you should be prepared for that. A travel adapter ensures that you can charge your smartphone and other mobile communication devices at any power outlet.

While travel plugs are often designed for only one destination country, travel adapters offer more options: They feature multiple plug types at once. Some models can be used in over 200 countries. Adapters with a USB connection are particularly practical. In this case, you can simply leave the power adapter for the smartphone at home, for example.

Smartwatch: all important data and messages on your wrist

On business trips, the daily work routine does not come to a sudden halt. You want to constantly check messages, retrieve status notifications and be ready for calls. So that you don't have to look for your smartphone or even notebook every time, it's a good idea to buy a smartwatch. These practical mobile devices for the wrist show you all the important messages from social media, for example, and keep you up to date on what's going on in your company and the world. Models with an always-on display are particularly practical, so you can keep track and check the time at all times. Want to do activity tracking and find out how your fitness and health are doing? Suitable apps on the smartwatch provide answers to exactly that.

Powerbank: the energy bar for your devices.

The best technology for business travel is of little use to you if you can't power it. However, a power outlet is not always nearby. The powerbank is therefore part of the basic equipment for every business trip. These practical helpers have various connections so that you can conveniently connect and charge your important devices such as the smartphone to them.

In a well-organized hand luggage should be at least one of these energy bars for mobile devices. Of course, you can also take several with you and are then also optimally equipped for longer trips. With this small purchase, you ensure that a low battery level no longer triggers stress. You can find suitable powerbanks with the most diverse capacities, which are specified in mAh (milliampere hours).

Share your trip with the action cam

On business trips, a lot of things happen that we would like to remember or where we immediately feel the need to share the moment with others. When footage taken with a smartphone isn't enough for that, the action cam comes in handy. These cameras offer a particularly high resolution for photos and videos and have some clever features that make the user's life easier. These include automatic stabilization via six axes, for example. Camera shake is thus a thing of the past. The action cams are compactly built and take up hardly any space in the travel case. You have the devices at hand at all times and are ready when something exciting happens that you absolutely want to capture.

Smartpen: so that no idea gets lost

On the road, the best ideas often come to us, with a smartpen we can capture them anywhere and transfer them directly to our most important devices. You create your notes or drawings in analog, the pen takes care of the instant digitization. This purchase is so useful when traveling because you may not always have your notebook handy.

Simple writing movements on a suitable surface are enough and the pen immediately starts transferring data wirelessly via Bluetooth. Later, you can call up your ideas again on your mobile device and develop them further there. If a data connection is not available, you can also save your ideas directly to the pen.

Better concentration with noise-canceling headphones

One of the biggest challenges when traveling is finding peace and quiet in a foreign environment. Chatting seatmates on a plane, noise from the road, and other ambient sounds make it difficult to focus on your work. If you want more focus, noise-canceling headphones should be high on your shopping list of purchases for your next trip.

Thanks to active noise cancellation, you'll be able to get back to your work without being disturbed, or to the person you're talking to who you're dying to stay in touch with. Look for technologies like Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) or Active Noise Reduction (ANR). These can be used to reduce background noise. This is also important to avoid stress. After all, noise from the work environment is one of the main stress factors.

Conclusion: Some gadgets are indispensable technology for professional travel

Technology for business travel is becoming increasingly important as our demands increase and we want to stay productive wherever we go. If you want to stay connected while traveling for business, it's not enough to just pack your smartphone. Equip yourself better and use a mobile WLAN router, for example. This will make data connections more reliable and less expensive. Headphones with noise cancellation or smart pens for digitizing your ideas are other gadgets that should not be missing when traveling. They help you to be just as productive on the road as you are in the office.

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