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Article: The best mobile apps for business travelers

Die besten mobilen Apps für Geschäftsreisende

The best mobile apps for business travelers

Many things can make traveling easier for us, and mobile apps are definitely one of them today. They help us, for example, to organize a business lunch in a foreign city or to keep an eye on country-specific health risks. Your travel preparations should therefore include downloading the right applications to your smartphone before you set off. We present the most important travel apps for business people.

Travel preparation - it's easier with a checklist

Business trips often require intensive preparation. This also applies if you already have a lot of routine. Practical suitcase packing apps, for example, can help here. They use a packing list to answer the question of what should go in your suitcase. You tick off everything that has already found its way into your suitcase and can immediately see what is still missing. Mobile apps for business trips are therefore a great relief, especially for last-minute and hectic preparations.

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Travel planners go one step further in this respect. They offer you the opportunity to record lots of important data relating to your trip and their range of functions is aimed at business travelers in particular. This data relates to the flight or accommodation, for example. The app automatically displays any new information relating to airlines or hotels booked. And a packing list for the suitcase is also already integrated.

Business meals - choose the right restaurant with ease

If you want to invite business partners to dinner during your trip, you need to be able to organize a suitable restaurant even in a foreign city. But which restaurants are suitable for signing a contract, for example, and leave a good impression? This is precisely the question that a business travel management app can answer for you. If required, the app will show you the most interesting restaurants in the vicinity so that you can reserve a table straight away. Having an app like this to hand significantly reduces the stress of searching.

You can also view the reviews of other users in the app. These are particularly important because they provide information about the quality of the restaurant. Photos and a description give you a quick first impression. Such apps are also useful because of the directions. They help you find your way more quickly and avoid delays.

Health - all information about possible risks

Health generally plays an important role when traveling. And of course you want to stay fit, especially during a business trip. That's why it's worth using a suitable app to call up information about possible health risks that you could be confronted with at your destination. Travel and health apps show you the relevant country-specific information. For example, you will receive information on malaria and other diseases that you need to keep an eye on.

The apps also help you to arrive in good health. This includes, for example, tips on how you can arm yourself against travel sickness. Vaccinations are also particularly important. The app reminds you of important vaccinations so that you can be optimally prepared for your vacation. Climate tables are also useful to help you adjust to the climatic conditions at your destination.

Travel expense report - keep an overview

The topic of travel expenses will keep you busy during a trip and especially afterwards. And it can be a lot of work if you don't approach it systematically. Apps for travel expenses and mobile expenses should therefore be a standard feature on your mobile device today. They help you to record your expenses and travel costs with minimal effort so that you can account for everything correctly afterwards. This also helps employees in the accounting department, for example, who are also happy to use expense report apps.

Functions that allow you to call up the currently valid per diems, for example, are particularly useful. Automatic currency conversion is also one of the benefits. Powerful apps in this area record the distances you have traveled. Everything is clearly documented in the app for transparent travel expense accounting.

WiFi - fast Internet even when you're far away

If you want to stay productive and in touch with your company and family even when you're away from home, you need an internet connection. Access is usually via a wireless network. But what do you do if you can't find a WLAN nearby? In this case, it is useful to have a Wi-Fi finder installed on your smartphone. This shows the available public networks in your area, for example at the train station, airport or anywhere else in the city.

In addition to the networks with their respective access data, you will also receive information about any fees that may be incurred for using them. Then you won't be faced with an expensive surprise afterwards. If you travel a lot on business trips, a Wi-Fi finder like this is a must. With these little helpers, you can avoid the often very high roaming charges and still have access to the Internet during your trip.

Navigation - always find the right way

Navigation systems are particularly important when traveling because they help you find your way even in unfamiliar surroundings. If you are going on a business trip in your own car, a navigation app is a must. It shows you the shortest route and also provides information about accidents or traffic jams. You get all the information you need to plan your route. This data is particularly up-to-date when it comes to interactive navigation systems with a social component. Then the data provided by other users who are traveling on the same route is added. Ideally, the app should continue to support offline navigation. After all, there is no guarantee that you will have access to the internet anytime, anywhere.

Conclusion: best apps for business trips

If you want to arrive at your business trip destination more relaxed and make your stay there more comfortable, there are some essential apps for business trips. The support starts with packing your suitcases and doesn't end with topics such as navigation. The apps help you to take a more systematic approach to traveling. Thanks to the small applications on your smartphone or tablet, many tasks such as travel expense accounting are easier for you. If you are perfectly prepared and have all the important digital helpers with you, you can make your business trip more successful.

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