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Article: The ultimate packing list for business travelers

Die ultimative Packliste für Geschäftsreisende

The ultimate packing list for business travelers

Your company has organized a business trip for you and now you're looking for a packing list for business travellers? You are not alone. The question of what to pack for business trips is one that concerns many business travelers at the beginning. In fact, you need different clothes and utensils for a business trip than for your private vacation. Business trips are often demanding, which is why the right preparation is crucial.

Careful selection of what ends up in your suitcase makes the difference between a smooth trip and unexpected challenges. In today's blog article, you will therefore find our ultimate checklist for business travelers. It's an important resource for anyone traveling for business.

Choosing the right luggage: Suitcase, backpack, bag?

Suitcase, backpack or travel bag - depending on the type of trip and personal preferences, different types of luggage are recommended. If you are planning a longer trip, a robust suitcase is the perfect choice. A flexible backpack is comfortable to carry, but carries the risk of your business outfits getting crumpled. A travel bag is therefore often better for short business trips. If you are traveling by plane, bear in mind the regulations for hand luggage.

You can find the right bag for your business trip in our Oberwerth Shop. Whether classic laptop bagstylish business backpack or a practical weekender / suitcase inserts. Handmade from the finest leather and high-quality fittings with a lifetime guarantee. Take a look at our store and find the bag that suits you best!

Important documents: passport and travel documents

Make sure that your identity card or passport is valid. Take all relevant documents such as train and flight tickets, hotel reservations and business papers with you. A digital copy on your smartphone serves as an additional safeguard.

Electronics: make your working environment mobile

Of course you will be working on the road on your business trip, so pack a laptop, charging cable, power bank and other equipment. That way, you'll always be ready to go and able to flexibly organize your working environment.

Clothing and accessories: fashionably dressed on the road

The right business outfit is the key to a perfect appearance. That's why you should plan the wardrobe you pack well:

The right business outfit: practical and stylish

Choose a business outfit that suits your style and is practical at the same time. A high-quality suit or a timeless blouse will underline your professional image and give you the confidence you need for business appointments.

Versatile wardrobe: combine for every occasion

Optimize your business travel wardrobe with versatile pieces that can be combined for different occasions. Several simple basics make it possible to adapt quickly to changing situations - whether formal meetings or informal networking events are on the agenda.

Take accessories with you: Tie, scarves and more

Don't forget the little extras that round off your look. Take matching accessories such as a tie, subtle jewelry or a light scarf with you. These accents give your outfit a personal touch and emphasize your professional presence.

Work utensils: work efficiently, wherever you are

Of course, you need all kinds of work utensils to work efficiently, especially on business trips:

Laptop and accessories: the mobile workstation

Your laptop is the heart of your mobile workstation. Don't forget the associated accessories such as charging cable, headset, mouse and external hard disk. Don't forget your business smartphone. You'll always be ready to work efficiently, no matter where you are.

Notebook and pens: for notes, sketches and brainstorming

A classic notebook and different colored pens are an important part of your luggage for your business trips. They enable quick notes, freehand sketches and creative brainstorming - ideal for business meetings and spontaneous ideas.

Business cards: Networking made easy

High-quality business cards are an essential item for your business trips. Make sure you have enough of them with you. As your professional figurehead, your business cards make networking on business trips much easier.

Travel comfort: arrive at your destination relaxed and rested

If your journey takes longer, pack a few extras for your travel comfort:

Travel pillows and blankets: for restful sleep

Treat yourself to a comfortable travel pillow and a light blanket for longer journeys. A good night's sleep during the journey will help you arrive at your destination rested and full of energy - and get straight down to business.

Snacks and drinks: recharge your batteries on the go

Pack light snacks for the road and a bottle of water. This will help you concentrate, which is important if you are using your travel time for your business commitments.

Travel entertainment: music, books and podcasts

Allow yourself time for personal entertainment on longer trips. Motivating music, a good book or interesting podcasts will make your time on the road more enjoyable. This will help you to relax and recharge your batteries for upcoming appointments.

Health and wellness: for personal well-being on business trips

To ensure you stay healthy, there are a few essential items for every business trip:

Travel first-aid kit: must-haves for your health

Put together a compact first-aid kit. Painkillers, plasters and medication for stomach problems are just as important as your doctor's prescription.

Fitness to go: equipment for short workouts

Pack light fitness equipment such as resistance bands or a skipping rope. Short workouts promote blood circulation and reduce the stress of the working day.

Healthy eating: pack small snacks

Something that is often forgotten when packing for business is having your own healthy snacks. We then reach for fast food on the way, but this often leads to a subsequent energy slump. It's better to pack healthy snacks such as nuts, dried fruit or protein bars to ensure you have a balanced diet on the go.

Safety for business travelers: Take precautions

Of course, it is also important to think about your safety when traveling on business:

Stowing valuables safely: without compromise

Secure your valuables in a lockable container. Whether money, passport or technical devices - take a travel safe with you for your valuables to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Emergency contacts always with you: be prepared for anything

Carry a list of emergency contacts with you at all times. This will ensure that you - or other people - know who to call in an emergency.

Take out insurance: travel safely

Take out insurance that meets your needs before traveling on business. From health insurance and baggage insurance to travel cancellation - comprehensive cover helps to ensure a safe business trip.

Conclusion: our ultimate checklist for business trips to guarantee success

With this packing list for business travelers, you are well prepared for future business trips. Whether you are a frequent or occasional traveler, the right preparation will have a significant impact on the success of your trip. So use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need. When traveling, focus on what really matters: Your business goals.

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