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Leica SL Bags

Immerse yourself in our exclusive range of high-quality bags, perfectly matched to your Leica SL.
Discover an extensive selection of bags that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer functionality and practicality at the highest level. Each bag has been designed with attention to detail to blend seamlessly with the sophisticated design of the Leica SL while ensuring the protection of your valuable equipment.

Leica SL

Camera bags

Oberwerth camera bags are handmade from the finest leather and the finest fittings and fasteners. We have selected the bags with the "perfect fit" for your Leica SL from a wide range of product lines. Each with fantastic, individual features. A unique experience for all the senses!


Hydro bags

In the past, leather was traditionally protected from water by greasing and chemically impregnated before use. Our hydrophobized leather, on the other hand, undergoes an advanced tanning process that naturally ensures long-lasting water resistance.

This technology, once reserved for rugged boots, has now been refined using state-of-the-art processes to create an elegant, lightweight and high-quality leather. Thanks to its hydrophobicity, it dries quickly and ensures efficient heat regulation.

Although there may be slight discoloration on clothing when exposed to high heat or humidity, this will disappear over time and is usually easy to remove in the washing machine.


Casual bags

The Oberwerth bags from the Casual Line impress with their milled, full-grain and particularly high-quality thick leather with light pigmentation.

Characterized by natural full grain and produced with the best dyes and fatliquors, the leather is of the highest naturalness.

As the surface is left almost natural, it impresses with its soft and warm feel. Only first-class Central European hides are used as raw materials.



Oberwerth bags last a lifetime - guaranteed! We stand by our quality and outstanding craftsmanship.

Benefit now from our lifetime guarantee on all Oberwerth bags and register your bag today: Product registration

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