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Review camera bag MUNICH by Carsten Bockermann (DE)

My previous experience with camera bags

About 25 years ago, in the summer of 1991, I switched from the SLR cameras that were mainly used up to that point to a mirrorless system, the Leica rangefinder cameras. These cameras and the associated lenses were smaller and lighter than the SLRs, and so my photo bag no longer really suited the new system.

The problem was quickly resolved. I discovered bags from an English company that were made for my new photography equipment. Narrow cut and high, they had a completely different layout than what I had used before. They hugged the body much more comfortably, did not stick out too far and their height made it possible to stow two lenses and a camera housing one above the other in each compartment. Over the years I bought some of these bags in different colors and with slightly modified features and was, apart from a few small things, very satisfied.

Even after switching to a different camera system (Fujifilm X series) everything fit very well and the equipment was well protected. The bags are absolutely tight even in heavy rain, which is not surprising, because the manufacturer originally comes from fishing. The design doesn't hide this either.

And then came Oberwerth

Although I was very satisfied with my previous camera bags, a friend drew my attention to the bags from Oberwerth. Munich spoke to me directly, because the size and basic shape correspond almost exactly to the model from the English company that I had previously used. The impression is still completely different. Oberwerth relies on an endless selection of materials, well-thought-out details and excellent workmanship, which in total reflects the value of the bag.

After the bag was delivered, I was able to stow my equipment in the same arrangement as I was used to from my "old" bags. That was not easy at the beginning, because Oberwerth delivers the Munich with only two separating pads (dividers). This may be ideal for DSLR cameras, but especially for mirrorless system cameras, whose lenses are generally quite small, you simply need more of them. However, the manufacturer offers the option of re-ordering the separation pads for little money. You are not necessarily limited to the Munich divider. You will be given personal advice and you can also use the pads from other Oberwerth models. So I was able to make the division suitable for my equipment and adapt the inside of my bag to my ideas. A service that I really appreciate.

(The pads can be reordered here)

The bag made of Cordura and leather is overall stiffer than the previously used canvas, but without being hard. The shoulder strap (with integrated cut protection!) Is also quite stiff, which has the advantage over cotton straps that the bag doesn't dangle so much on the body when you move.

I also really like the details, such as the zippered inner compartment for small items or papers and the inconspicuous but very useful strap on the back with which you can attach the Munich to the handle of a trolley. Very practical when traveling.

The LOXX closures used also make a very good impression. They look great, feel very precise, and work that way. And above all: in contrast to Velcro fasteners, which I have already seen on photo bags, they are silent. There is nothing worse than closures that, when opened in a discreet situation, point to the photographer.

Giving away and enjoying the appearance are only minor issues with a photo bag. Much more important are the protection of the equipment and, above all, the wearing comfort, because I walk around with my cameras practically every day.

For protection, I can say that even in a heavy rain shower no water penetrates. The leather also looks like new after careful drying (do not put in front of the oven!). The padding of the removable inner pocket makes a solid impression and cushions the equipment from bumps.

The real surprise, however, is how comfortable the bag is to carry. It's about 200g heavier than my previous bags, but still feels lighter after several hours of carrying. I am not sure why this is. Probably the perfectly made shoulder rest, the adequate elasticity of the shoulder strap and the fact that the bag is a bit stiff have their share in this.

My conclusion

The Munich from Oberwerth is an excellent bag, especially for mirrorless system cameras (if you get additional dividers), comfortable to carry and of high quality. Perhaps too good for use in the jungle, but definitely suitable for bad weather.



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In Munich fit easily:
-2x Fuji X-Pro2
-6x Fuji lens
-Spare batteries & batteries