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Wayne Serrano


My primary passion as a photographer is capturing the dynamic aesthetic of subjects within their own environments. In my many years in the profession, I have always gained the greatest amount of personal satisfaction and pleasure from creating images that are beautiful, that highlight diversity, and are also thought-provoking.

My goal is straightforward in purpose; document and capturing the naturalness of people being themselves living their lives while experiencing the moments and emotions that make up the sensations of life. “My passion is translating the life experience of real people into compelling photographs."

I know the dynamic world in which we live is interrelated at local and global levels, and, is ever changing. The purpose of my project is to document the uniqueness of each subject, their place in the world, and portray the resiliency and spontaneous nature that defines the human spirit. I have been allowed entrée to witness and document the lives of others and that is, I consider, an amazing privilege.

I work with generous amounts of patience and determination to capture individuals in their own environments to create images that honestly and accurately portray my subjects with pride and dignity.

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