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Article: Put together the perfect travel wardrobe: Luxurious essentials for the discerning traveler

Die perfekte Reisegarderobe zusammenstellen: Luxuriöse Essentials für den anspruchsvollen Reisenden

Put together the perfect travel wardrobe: Luxurious essentials for the discerning traveler

The perfect travel wardrobe consists of stylish luxury fashion, as you always want to be perfectly dressed on vacation as well as on business trips. However, space in your suitcase is limited. So choose your travel clothes to suit your travel style, the duration of your trip and the climatic conditions at your destination. You can do this with the right planning, high-quality clothing from high-end brands and helpful packing tips in this article.

Capsule wardrobe - plan the perfect combination for your travel wardrobe

Choose your travel wardrobe so that you limit your luggage but not your fashion. The magic word for this is capsule wardrobe. According to this principle, you travel with reduced luggage and at the same time with versatile luxury fashion from high-quality high-end brands.

The Travel Capsule Wardrobe for men and women includes the following basic items, regardless of your travel style:

    • You will need underwear for every day at your destination.

    • Swimwear is also a good idea for business trips if you want to use the hotel pool.

    • Socks, stockings or tights are necessary for formal occasions. When traveling in winter and in colder climates, you should be able to change them at least every other day.

The perfect combination reduces your luggage

To reduce your luggage and still be perfectly dressed at all times, luxury fashion in coordinating colors is ideal. Before packing your suitcase, think about what activities you are planning at your destination and choose your clothes accordingly.

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Choose luxury fashion in a harmonious color palette for your stylish outfits. Different combinations of tops with pants or skirts create either an elegant or casual outfit. You can create a variety of combinations with just a few items of clothing.

Capsule wardrobe for men

In addition to the basics, a man's suitcase should contain the following items of clothing.

    • A suit or a combination is necessary for business trips and for exclusive dinners during a vacation trip.

    • As ties take up little space in your luggage but always give your outfit a new look, you should choose several matching styles.

    • Shirts complement the suit. The number of items depends on the number of official appointments and the duration of the trip. For a business trip of a few days, one shirt may be sufficient. A longer vacation trip requires two shirts per week if you also wear sweaters, polo shirts or T-shirts. Choose different shirts and polo shirts that harmonize with your suit. This way you can change your outfit without having to pack a second suit. Combine the suit with a light-colored, a dark-colored and a patterned shirt and, in the casual version, with a polo shirt.

    • A pair of elegant shoes goes with the suit.

    • You also need casual clothing for a business trip. For a short trip, a set appropriate to the climate at your destination is sufficient. This includes comfortable trousers, a shirt, casual shirt or sweater and a pair of comfortable shoes.

    • For longer vacations, a rule of thumb recommends four tops and three pairs of pants and a belt per week of vacation. Two pairs of shoes make sense regardless of the duration of the trip.

Capsule wardrobe for women

Due to the larger selection of clothing items, the contents of the suitcase are different when a lady travels. She can choose between a dress, suit, trouser suit or a combination of skirt or trousers with a blouse or shirt for every occasion. The first question is therefore the desired style of dress. To optimize your luggage, you should limit yourself to one style. Costumes and trouser suits offer a wide range of combinations for business trips. You can create two different outfits by combining a suit with matching trousers. A small selection of blouses and shirts offers further variation possibilities.

For vacation trips, dresses and skirts, pants and tops that can be combined in a variety of ways form the basis for elegant and casual occasions. A travel capsule wardrobe like the example below is therefore ideal for women.

    • A combination of a jacket with a matching skirt and trousers is ideal for a business trip with several official appointments. With two matching blouses, there are further combination options for official appointments or a stroll through town.

    • For business trips with only one official appointment, a suit or trouser suit with a matching top will suffice.

    • A pair of simple and comfortable pumps goes with any of these outfits and all occasions during a short trip.

    • For leisure activities, you should also pack a pair of comfortable trousers with one or two matching tops and a pair of comfortable shoes appropriate to the climate.

    • The perfect luggage for a vacation trip consists of four tops and a combination of three skirts, shorts and long pants per vacation week. One or two light dresses complete the luggage for a summer vacation.

    • A woman's choice of shoes for a vacation trip is also more varied than for men. Ladies need a pair of pumps or sandals for elegant occasions, a pair of sneakers or sneakers for strolling around town and going for walks, and another pair of comfortable shoes to combine with light, casual-elegant clothing, such as ballerinas or sandals.

    • Accessories such as scarves, shawls, belts and various pieces of jewelry take up little space in the suitcase and provide further outfit variations.

Packing tips: How to keep your travel wardrobe in shape

To keep your luggage crease-free in your suitcase, you should choose items of clothing made from durable materials. Clothing from high-end brands is made from high-quality materials such as cashmere, which is comfortable to wear and forgiving when being transported in your suitcase. Luxury fashion made of silk, on the other hand, is less suitable for traveling as it tends to crease.

The bottom layer in the suitcase consists of shoes, toiletry bags and other heavy items. Put socks and underwear in your shoes. This saves space and keeps the shoes in shape. Using the rolling technique, garments such as shirts, sweaters and non-iron fashions can be kept small without creasing. Lay pants and long skirts lengthways on the bottom layer in the suitcase so that one half sticks out over the edge. Place rolled garments in between and then fold the other half of the trousers or skirt over them. This will prevent a crease halfway along the length. Fold jackets once lengthwise with the sleeves inside and lay them over the other items of clothing. There is room for dresses on top. Always make sure that the clothes are not pressed together in the closed suitcase, but also that they cannot slip out of place.

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