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Article: Stylish at the airport: a well-groomed and professional look on the go

Stilvoll am Flughafen: Gepflegtes und professionelles Aussehen für unterwegs

Stylish at the airport: a well-groomed and professional look on the go

An appropriate appearance is just as important on business trips as it is for all contacts with customers or business partners. Flights place very special demands on your outfit. You don't just want to look good on the move, you also want to feel good during the journey. Your clothes should be comfortable and stylish.

Representative travel outfit

It can be a challenge to choose suitable business travel clothing. This is especially true if you are met directly at the airport on arrival and have no opportunity to change beforehand. Your outfit is particularly important when meeting business partners you have never met before, because first impressions count.

If you are traveling on business, you also represent your company with your outfit. There may be internal company dress codes for this. Your wardrobe can reflect your industry or your position in the company and must fit the occasion.

What you wear during the trip also depends on what you do immediately after arrival. Find out what program is planned at your destination. Do you still have time to change? Then you can leave the more formal clothes in your luggage and dress a little more comfortably.

The right style for your business attire

If you have an appointment immediately after arrival, you may have to adhere to a business dress code and complete the journey in formal attire. In this case, men may already be wearing a dark suit with a shirt and tie on the plane and women a trouser suit or a suit with a blouse.

If you still have time to change or a less formal dress code applies, the smart-casual or business-casual style is suitable for a flight in business class. In the first case, men combine high-quality trousers or jeans with a polo shirt and a jacket. Women wear corresponding trousers or a skirt in combination with a shirt, blouse or twinset.

Business casual looks even more elegant. Men wear suit trousers, a shirt and a jacket without a tie. For women, we recommend a trouser suit or a suit with a blouse or shirt.

Comfortable and chic with layering

Layering has proven to be particularly effective when traveling by plane. If you wear several lightweight items of clothing on top of each other, you can easily adapt to different temperatures. For example, it may be very hot at the airport but rather cool in the air-conditioned cabin. You will then appreciate it if you can easily take off or put on individual items of clothing.

For example, wear a shirt, blouse or shirt with a blazer or light jacket over it. Cardigans and sweaters made from lightweight knitwear are suitable accessories. You can store these garments to save space and prevent creasing. A jacket suitable for the season can be worn as an outer layer. For layering, opt for high-quality basics that can be combined with each other.

Fit, material and colors of your airport fashion

Make sure your travel outfit fits well. After all, comfort is very important, especially on long flights. Uncomfortable clothing not only affects your well-being, but can also hinder blood circulation. The waistband of your pants or skirt must not pinch your stomach. Slightly stretchy material with one to two percent elastane is ideal.

Choose crease-resistant fabrics for your business travel clothing. For this reason, silk and linen are less suitable for traveling. Breathability is important. This will keep you fresh even in high temperatures or when you are changing in a hurry. Give preference to lightweight material so that you can combine several layers. It is important for your well-being that the clothing feels comfortable against your skin.

The colors should match your style and be easy to combine. When choosing the individual items, it is best to stick to a color concept. For example, combine earthy colors or shades of blue with each other, possibly complemented by black, white or grey. Don't wear clothes that are too light in color during your trip, as stains can quickly appear along the way.

Shoes and accessories for your travel outfit

Shoes are also part of your business travel outfit. You may have to walk long distances on hard floors at the airport, which is why comfort is important as well as appearance. For security checks, it can be convenient if you can put your shoes on and take them off quickly. Elegant loafers or loafers are best, and ballerinas are also suitable for women.

Accessories complement your business attire. These may include a belt, which should not get in the way when you are sitting down. You may have to take it off at the airport security check if it has too many metal eyelets. As far as jewelry is concerned, avoid large items, not least because of the risk of injury in an emergency. Your business outfit is rounded off with an elegant and functional bag.

You will find the right bag for your business trip in our Oberwerth Shop. Whether classic laptop bagstylish business backpack or a practical weekender / suitcase inserts. Handmade from the finest leather and high-quality fittings with a lifetime guarantee. Take a look at our store and find the bag that suits you best!

Nobody wants to be in this situation, but when choosing your business travel clothing, think about a possible evacuation. Therefore, do not wear any items of clothing or accessories that could easily get caught. High heels are also not recommended on flights for safety reasons. Before using the emergency slide in the event of an evacuation, you must usually take them off and leave them behind.

Dress comfortably and smartly for long journeys

Comfortable clothing is particularly important for long-haul flights. We recommend wearing support stockings, which are also available as knee-high socks. These promote blood circulation during long periods of sitting.

It is fine to wear more comfortable clothing during the night. Many airlines provide pyjamas in business class for long-haul flights. You may keep these after use.

When choosing your business travel clothing, also consider the destination. On the one hand, this concerns possible climatic differences. Find out in advance about the expected weather at your destination. When traveling to certain countries, also pay attention to cultural differences, which may also affect expectations of appropriate clothing.

Conclusion: put together a personal collection for airport fashion

Carefully selected outfits are important for pleasant journeys and professional appearances in front of customers and business partners. Put together your own personal collection of business travel clothing. With a selection of representative, comfortable and combinable items, you will be prepared for many situations.

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